B.B. Kings: A LocalBozo.Com Concert Review

Jun. 6 by User

Whenever you go see a member of a landmark band out on the road in a solo setting there exists certain expectations on both sides of the fence. For the singer-songwriter it’s hope that the audience will support their current work apart from the entity which made them notable. On the flip side, some members of the audience anxiously wonder whether the talent will omit certain hits from the set that connected them to said artist in the first place. On Tuesday night, Fleetwood Mac founding member Lindsey Buckhingham took to the stage of Manhattan’s B.B. King’s Blues Club for the second of two sold out nights and literally bull-dozed any of these expectations immediately.

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  1. October 22, 2014
  2. October 25, 2014
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  3. October 26, 2014
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  5. October 31, 2014

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